Who is FTWQ?

Hello everyone! First off, I want to say Thank you!
Thank you for checking out my website!
So who is Fishthatwontquit?
Hello, my name is Ryan Westfall! I am a fisherman in Oregon and the Owner of Fishthatwontquit! I gained my passion for fishing later in my life when I was 18 years old (Currently 30!). I had started working at a sporting goods store called, Dick Sporting Goods. With this, I was hired as a cashier but I was also a part of the stores early stages of stocking the first items on the shelves. I was helping out in the fishing department and honestly was thinking... wow there is so much freaken small lures to stock!! This is going to take forever! Hahaha! All did I know, I would later be the one going in and buying all those things I had stocked on the shelves!
Fishing Store
With that beings said, I had great conversations about fishing with the, soon to be, head of the fishing/hunting department. He would show me tons of pictures of the massive Salmon and Steelhead he was constantly catching. I said, I should try this fishing thing out! So, I bought a small $10, spinning rod and reel combo. Got some bait (powerbait and worms), and went trout fishing for the first time in my life.
And when someone says, the tug is the drug. They aren't lying. I was hooked after the first time I caught a fish.
First Trout Ever!
(18 Year old me with my first fish)
After this, my life changed forever. I began fishing day in and day out. Catching trout. Soon I tried Bass... then moved up to Salmon and Steelhead. All I could think about was fishing, and how I was going to hook that next fish! I would lay in bed at night, dreaming up ways I can trick these fish into biting. Soon enough I figured it out!
Largemouth Bass FishingSteelhead Fishing with WormSalmon FishingSteelhead Fishing with Bead
With all this I decided to start my Fishing Youtube Channel, Fishthatwontquit. On the Channel, I made videos teaching people how to tie Fishing Rigs and Fishing Knots. Now I am making and selling my own Fishing Decals and T-shirts on this website! Hopefully Fishthatwontquit Lures Soon! I hope by reading this you have a better understanding of who I am and what FTWQ is!
Thank you again for being here and checking out my website! (Back Home)
Huge Salmon
"For every single fish that you catch, let it always feel as amazing as the first."